A Sustainable Event: Podcast Days

Client: La Constante and BrandStocker, organizers of the fourth edition of Podcast Days 



The fourth edition of Podcast Days, the premier event for podcasting professionals and a meeting point for the podcast community in Spain, took place on October 26 and 27, 2023, at the College of Architects of Madrid (COAM).

With the support of 25 sponsors including Spotify, YouTube, and Podium Podcast—Podcast Days provided a platform for Spanish podcasting professionals to explore the latest trends, share experiences, and build connections. 

The event aimed to serve as a platform for connecting professionals in the podcasting industry and targeted: 

  • Individuals already immersed in the podcasting industry who wanted to share their experiences and network with others in the field.
  • Professionals aiming to enhance their understanding of podcast operations while seeking to elevate their professional experiences.
  • Brands and marketing executives adeptly leveraging podcasts to enhance their branding strategies.


Proposed Solution

To design Podcast Days, the sustainable event agency Impact Hub Madrid provided comprehensive coverage to address all event needs:

  • Sustainable production design
  • Fundraising and sponsorship acquisition
  • Collaboration with the client to tailor content for the agenda to meet networking, boost, and industry inspiration objectives
  • Ticket management
  • Coordination and animation of the community (attendees) at the event 
  • Marketing and communication


Impact Figures

  • 550 attendees
  • 13 roundtable discussions and success stories
  • 8 practical workshops
  • 14 hours of networking
  • 1 exhibition area of 800 m2
  • 25 sponsors
  • 10 exhibitors
  • 80 meetings among attendees
  • 10 sustainable initiatives
  • 1 award ceremony

In addition, the event adhered to the highest sustainability standards, understanding sustainability as a balance between economic growth, environmental respect, and social well-being.

In this regard, several efforts took place to minimize and counteract any negative impact and transform it into a positive influence benefiting all participants.

Social Sustainability

Coffee Break with Philanthropic Coffee: This organization promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities and those at risk of social exclusion. The core of their business is the sale of specialty coffee through a fully sustainable process.

Social volunteering activities with Volies:. This company specializes in corporate volunteering, and in this event, they organized several dynamics and workshops.

Senior host team with Bioevents: An eco-friendly event company adding value through generational diversity.

Gender parity on panels: Panels featured a 50% female speaker representation and emphasized diversity among participants in the content.

Environmental Measures

Single venue: The entire event was held at a single location to minimize unnecessary travel for attendees, technical personnel, and suppliers.

Reuse: After the event, disposable materials, like lanyards, were collected for reuse on subsequent occasions.

Minimal signage: Signage elements (posters, banners, etc.) were reduced to the bare minimum with neutral designs for reusability. Cardboard craft stands were used and designed for reuse.  

Paper reduction: Hand programs, physical tickets, and unnecessary papers were eliminated while providing digital alternatives to attendees.

Less plastic: The usage of locally sourced water with glass and ceramic containers was encouraged to avoid plastic packaging.

Avoiding single-use items:No merchandise materials were provided to attendees to discourage single-use materials.

Sustainable transportation: Speakers that came from other provinces or countries were offered more sustainable alternatives than air travel.

Local Economy

Local suppliers: Zero-emission vehicles were encouraged for event merchandise transportation.

For more information, request request the event report.