Impact Hub Culture

Your future is as important to us as it is to you. Did you know that at Impact Hub a professional can make a career with us? There are opportunities to train and assume more responsibilities, and they're not limited to working at Impact Hub Madrid.  When you join us, you are already part of an international network present in more than 100 cities around the world. 

Throughout the years, we have become a leading actor in analyzing changes in the world of work and in generating new work models. 

The success of our project, in addition to requiring a high level of professionalism on the part of the entire team that makes it up,  also depends on their innovative spirit, proactivity, technical knowledge, experience and analytical skills.

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We firmly believe that our mission is not only to generate changes in the organizations we work with, but also to adapt our own corporate culture to a new internal management model based on values. 

In 2018 we redefined our internal policies by prioritizing sustainability in our management. This allowed us to achieve the B Corporation certification, which recognizes companies that promote the triple bottom line (economic, social and environmental). 

In addition, we have a series of internal measures within our Talent and Culture Management strategy comprising five transversal axes: Equality, conciliation, sustainability, competence development and corporate culture

  1. Gender training. Necessary to achieve real gender equality in our work and society.
  2. Extended paternity leave In order to promote the sharing of childcare between women and men, we added three additional weeks to the legal duration covered by Social Security for new parents in our company.
  3. Financial support for minors and children with disabilities. We offer support of 1,000 euros per year per child under 3 years of age, and for families with children with disabilities up to 18 years of age.  
  4. Flexibility margin. Great flexibility to facilitate work-life balance: teleworking and meetings preferably in the morning.
  5. "Green" transport. We prioritize the use of "green" transportation; the use of non-polluting public or rental transportation (motorcycles or electric bicycles).
  6. Network of mentors for competency development. In order to assume new management or team management positions, we are committed to having agreements with mentors that promote the exchange of experiences.
  7. Coaching for personal development, individual or group training plans and quarterly masterclasses.
  8. Inspirational routes. Inspiration is key to innovation and this requires that we regularly leave our spaces to discover new ideas or ways of working.
  9. Participatory leadership. We organize trainings that integrate new work methodologies that encourage active participation among team members, collaboration, consensus and responsibility.  
  10. Activities outside the workplace. To achieve greater personal knowledge and cohesion among team members.
  11. I am not alone: Sponsor accompaniment to facilitate the integration of new people into the teams.

In addition, since September 2020, Impact Hub Madrid has an Equal opportunities plan for men and women, a commitment assumed by the company to place equal opportunities among the strategic values ​​of the culture of this organization.

If we want to place change and innovation at the heart of our business, let's start by taking care of the main driving force of any company: people.

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