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We help you create your event with positive impact.

If you organize your event or meeting at Impact Hub, we help you eliminate the negative impact it could generate. In addition, you contribute to create positive impact with one of the more than 30 measures for sustainable events that we have prepared.

Whether in our inspiring spaces or in other locations, we will accompany you so that your celebrations are aligned with the most demanding social and environmental expectations.

Impact Hub Madrid 

Celebrate your event or meeting with clients or team in one of our spaces in Madrid. Each of them has different rooms equipped with technology and furniture, as well as support from the Impact Hub team at all times to make your event a success.

All our rooms have a catalog of included and on demand services with a sustainable purpose that you can request.

Choose the space you need at any time: classroom, online or hybrid. Consult with our team and we will inform you without obligation.

Impact Hub Madrid 

Sustainable events arise as a consequence of the expectations that society places on brands and organizations. Sustainable events consist of creating a value proposition that is aligned with the most relevant social and environmental expectations for the target of your product or service.

Choosing a space aligned with sustainability to hold your events defines corporate values and frameworks that avoid reputational issues to ensure a lasting future for your brand or organization.

Impact Hub Madrid 

We can help you organize sustainable events without losing sight of the objective you want to achieve with them (customers, positioning, revenue, etc.), we help you make decisions based on 3 axes: ecological, economic and social. In order to organize sustainable, viable and equitable actions.

In addition, with this perspective of event production you can contribute to support vulnerable groups, promote local commerce, reduce inequalities or consume responsibly.

Impact Hub Madrid 

Our unique spaces have served as inspiration to marketing agencies, production companies or media for the recording of interviews and reports or the filming of campaigns, series and movies.

We provide all types of online resources (photographs and videos) to avoid the presence of scout-locators in the spaces, and we ensure compliance with the measures to guarantee a "clean shoot".

Impact Hub Madrid 

Hybrid events, webinars, online training, etc. With internet connections we have shortened times, learned to summarize conversations, avoid travel and connect with people and places unthinkable in the past.

Find out how our technology solutions will help your event or meeting achieve its objectives..

Included services


Equipped rooms

Inspiring, accessible rooms with different seating capacities.


Technical resources

Complete technical equipment to ensure universal accessibility and video screens to minimize the use of posters and hand-held programs.


Power consumption

All electrical power for the Impact Hub spaces comes from 100% renewable energy sources.


Filtered water for attendees

Support the end of single-use packaging with our proposal in glass bottles.


Awards for sustainable mobility

We reward your attendees who come by public transport, bicycle, electric scooter or motorbike/car sharing.

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Expert advisor in sustainable events

Our coordination and production team will be at your disposal to help you contribute to a more sustainable world with your event, thanks to innovative ideas and our wide portfolio of partners.

On demand services


Private or shared transportation 0 Emissions

We manage the transportation of speakers, public or staff with zero-emission transportation. Whether private or minibuses, we provide you with all the contacts to include it in the invitation of your event.


Technological solutions

Thanks to technology, we have shortened times, learned to summarize conversations, avoided travel and connected with people and places unthinkable in the past.


Collaborate with the neighborhood

Direct contacts with local partners and local businesses: flowers, sweets, artists, decoration, and furniture.


Measuring and offsetting your carbon footprint

We help you measure and offset the CO2 generated by your event and support social and environmental projects.


Responsible Catering

Te ofrecemos sólo catering con proyectos demostrados y operando para apoyar colectivos en riesgo de exclusión social y cuyos sobrantes se llevan a comedores sociales.


Awareness and communication

We provide you with a toolkit so you can communicate your actions to promote the positive impact of your event and a complete reporting of your event with metrics, photos and certifications.


Because nothing replaces meeting in person, we have 6 locations in the urban area of Madrid, with different rooms and capacities to promote your event or meeting. We adapt the capacity to your needs and to any current regulations..

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Qué deben de tener las salas para eventos?

Una sala para eventos debe tener todo lo necesario para que desarrolles tu reunión o evento de la mejor manera e impulsar la experiencia del asistente y los objetivos del evento. En Impact Hub tenemos salas con mobiliario que se adapta al formato requerido por el cliente, materiales y la dotación audiovisual necesaria para que tu evento sea un éxito: pantallas, altavoces, rotuladores... Espacios originales e inspiradores para una experiencia distinta.

¿Qué no puede faltar en una sala para eventos?

Es indispensable una buena conexión de wifi y que las necesidades principales estén cubiertas. Disponer de un host de apoyo para cualquier necesidad y de personal técnico profesional es necesario para que el evento sea un éxito y tus asistentes disfruten de una experiencia atractiva.

¿Cómo se organiza una sala para eventos?

Una sala para eventos se organiza pensando a favor de la sostenibilidad y el impacto ambiental, de tal forma que la organización del evento genere menos residuos, ahorre gastos y contribuya con un aporte positivo a la comunidad.
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there's a lot more going on at Impact Hub…

Sustainable events and meetings

Logo Madrid Blanco - Impact Hub

there's a lot more going on at Impact Hub…

Sustainable events and meetings