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Why will your event be more sustainable at Impact Hub?

We know that all events generate a negative impact on resources and the environment.

At Impact Hub we propose not only to neutralize this impact, but also to ensure that your event generates a positive impact. Thanks to years of experience and a portfolio of sustainable suppliers, we will help you to implement sustainable initiatives in your event.

By choosing a space aligned with sustainability to hold your events, you are defining corporate values and frameworks that avoid reputational problems to ensure a lasting future for your brand or organization.


We are BCorp since 2018
Global certification that recognizes companies seeking triple bottom line profitability: economic, social and environmental.

Our halls are Zero CO2 from 2021
100% of the energy consumed in the six Impact Hub spaces in Madrid comes from renewable sources.

Both certifications oblige us to comply with stringent economic, environmental and social requirements.


Sustainability at our sites

  • The electricity consumption of all our sites comes from 100% renewable energy. The lighting is low consumption and/or LED. We have water-saving filters in faucets and cisterns.
  • There are recycling and waste separation points in all rooms.
  • The spaces are accessible: ramps, doors, adapted toilets, etc.
  • We have the seal zero CO2 emissions offsets.

What our suppliers are like

We work with suppliers aligned with environmental and social sustainability.
They must also participate in the requirements necessary to maintain Impact Hub's BCorp certification.

We work with a portfolio of neighborhood businesses.
We use a sustainable courier provider between our spaces and offer it to our customers.


Some of the actions we perform

We advise you to minimize the negative impact of your event and activate sustainable initiatives.

We offer a wide range of tested services to make your event or meeting more responsible.

We deliver a final sustainability report for you to share with your clients, audience or team.

10 reasons to organize sustainable


Demonstrates that responsible management
and aware of an event is possible,
cost-effective and ethical


Take advantage of the solutions at your fingertips
para reduce negative impacts and
increase the positives


Positioning and visibility of the added value
human and environmental


Strengthens the relationship with suppliers and sponsors through sustainable commitment


Improves efficiency, creativity and
innovation saving costs


Strengthens the emotional ties of the team
associated with the purpose of the organization


Supports the economy and employment local


Aligns business strategy to meet
objectives of the Agenda 2030


Balances economic profitability
with the social and environmental goals


Increases the trust and loyalty of

Where are we?

Organize your responsible event in any of the 6 venues of Impact Hub Madrid.

Street Gobernador , 26 28014 Madrid  

Barrio de Las Letras. Junto a Atocha.


Street Alameda, 22 28014 Madrid  

Barrio de Las Letras. Junto a Atocha.


Street Piamonte , 23 28004 Madrid  

Barrio de Chueca.


Street Serrano Anguita, 13 28004 Madrid  

Zona Tribunal.


Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso, 1 28020 Madrid

Zona AZCA. (Edificio Torre Picasso)


Street Javier Ferrero, 10 28002 Madrid  

Zona Prosperidad


How can I hire a room for events?

Contact us by filling out the web form y we will contact you.

How can I make my event more sustainable?

You can take into account different areas of action: mobility, social contribution, consumption, waste and awareness. Take a look at our 30 initiatives to organize more sustainable events.

Does organizing my event more sustainably drive down the price?

No. Initiatives to organize more sustainable events are mostly free! Moreover, the perspective of sustainability will always make you save costs as it promotes reuse, responsible materials and the use of indispensable elements.

What are the hours of operation of the rooms?

Our normal business hours are 9:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Friday. However, we welcome events and meetings outside these hours for a small surcharge for production staff providing support.

What rates are available to me?

Rates are based on room size, location and time of use. We are sure to have a space that fits your budget. Contact us by filling out the web form y we will contact you.

What is the Wi-Fi speed?

The WiFi speed is 1 GB symmetrical.

Is there any deposit to pay for the material?

No. Although for some large events, where there is going to be structural intervention in the space, we request a deposit. It is studied on a case-by-case basis.

Do I have technical advice?

Of course. Our technical coordinator will accompany you during the production process to provide you with the best technical or technological solution for your event or meeting.

Can my team access the room after hours?

The room can be accessed according to the schedule you have previously contracted.

How can I hire a virtual room for online events?

Contact us by filling out the web form y we will contact you.

Do I have 24-hour access to the virtual room?

Of course, you will have access and technical support to the virtual room you have contracted, according to the agreed schedules.

Can any member of my team access the virtual room?

Of course we do. Previously we design a list of technical needs. Ask us for the number of people connected (audience, staff and speakers) and we will prepare a customized virtual room for you.

What rates are available to me?

The rates for virtual rooms depend on the number of people connected, the technical support required (sound technician, regidor, etc.) and the time of use. Ask us for a quote tailored to your needs.

Is there any extra charge for services rendered?

No. But depending on the needs of your virtual event we will propose extra services that can complement and boost the experience of your audience. These are not mandatory services, you can decide if you want to hire them or not.

Do I have technical advice?

Of course. Virtual events are basically technology at the disposal of your event's message. A technological advisor will accompany you during the pre-production process to solve all your doubts.
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Sustainable events and meetings

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there's a lot more going on at Impact Hub…

Sustainable events and meetings