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Sustainable events and meetings: in-person, online or hybrid

Celebrate your event or meeting with clients or team in one of our spaces in Madrid. Each of them has different rooms equipped with technology and furniture, as well as support from the Impact Hub team at all times to make your event a success.

Or expand your options with online or hybrid options and expand your event. Choose the option you need at any time.

In-person events

Because nothing replaces meeting in person, we have 6 locations in the urban area of Madrid, with different rooms and capacities to promote your event.

Hybrid events

Maximize the results of your in-person event in a safe and inspiring space with audiovisual tools to reach more people remotely and securely. We will accompany you during the process to combine the best of both formats.

Online events

Choose your event or virtual part among several design, production, support, and location options that adapt to any budget and interact with your audience in a secure and dynamic way.

Our rooms

XXL Rooms

Sophisticated and original space in La Latina. Aligned with Impact Hub's values and sustainable initiatives.

With seating for up to 230 people and a large format LED screen.

It has direct access from the street, open with natural light.

Thanks to its two adjoining rooms, it allows an infinite number of multipurpose set-ups and designs.

We also have other similar spaces. Consult us.

Where are we?

Multiply your positive impact by selecting our inspiring spaces with sustainability criteria.

Included services


Equipped rooms

Inspiring, accessible rooms with different seating capacities.


Technical resources

Complete technical equipment to ensure universal accessibility and video screens to minimize the use of posters and hand-held programs.


Power consumption

All electrical power for the Impact Hub spaces comes from 100% renewable energy sources.


Filtered water for attendees

Support the end of single-use packaging with our proposal in glass bottles.


Awards for sustainable mobility

We reward your attendees who come by public transport, bicycle, electric scooter or motorbike/car sharing.

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Expert advisor in sustainable events

Our coordination and production team will be at your disposal to help you contribute to a more sustainable world with your event, thanks to innovative ideas and our wide portfolio of partners.

On demand services


Private or shared transportation 0 Emissions

We manage the transportation of speakers, public or staff with zero-emission transportation. Whether private or minibuses, we provide you with all the contacts to include it in the invitation of your event.


Technological solutions

Thanks to technology, we have shortened times, learned to summarize conversations, avoided travel and connected with people and places unthinkable in the past.


Collaborate with the neighborhood

Direct contacts with local partners and local businesses: flowers, sweets, artists, decoration, and furniture.


Measuring and offsetting your carbon footprint

We help you measure and offset the CO2 generated by your event and support social and environmental projects.


Responsible Catering

Te ofrecemos sólo catering con proyectos demostrados y operando para apoyar colectivos en riesgo de exclusión social y cuyos sobrantes se llevan a comedores sociales.


Awareness and communication

We provide you with a toolkit so you can communicate your actions to promote the positive impact of your event and a complete reporting of your event with metrics, photos and certifications.


How can I contract a room for events?

Contact us by filling out the web form, or send an email to and we will contact you.

What are the room hours?

Our normal business hours are 9:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Friday. However, we welcome events and meetings outside these hours for a small surcharge for production staff providing support.

What rates are available to me?

Rates are based on room size, location and time of use. We are sure to have a space that fits your budget. Contact us by filling out the web form, or send an email to and we will contact you.

What is the Wi-Fi speed?

Wi-Fi speed is 1 GB symmetrical.

Is there a deposit to pay for the material?

No. Although for some large events, where there is going to be structural intervention in the space, we request a deposit. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Is technical advice available to me?

Of course. Our technical coordinator will accompany you during the production process to provide you with the best technical or technological solution for your event or meeting.

Can my team access the room after hours?

The room can be accessed according to the schedule you have previously contracted.

How can I contract a virtual room for online events?

Contact us by filling out the web form, or send an email to and we will contact you.

Do I have 24-hour access to the virtual room?

Of course, you will have access and technical support to the virtual room you have contracted, according to the agreed schedules.

Can any member of my team access the virtual room?

Of course. Previously we designed a list of technical needs. Ask us for the number of people connected (audience, staff and speakers) and we will prepare a customized virtual room for you.

What rates are available to me?

The rates for virtual rooms depend on the number of people connected, the technical support required (sound technician, councilor, etc.) and the time of use. Ask us for a quote tailored to your needs.

Do I have to pay any extra for the services provided?

No. But depending on the needs of your virtual event we will propose extra services that can complement and boost the experience of your audience. These are not mandatory services, you can decide if you want to include them or not.
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there's a lot more going on at Impact Hub…

Sustainable events and meetings

Logo Madrid Blanco - Impact Hub

there's a lot more going on at Impact Hub…

Sustainable events and meetings