A sustainable event: The Break

Client: The Break (EOI + Impact Hub Consultancy, project financed with Next Generation funds).

Agency: Impact Hub Events Agency


Design and production of the in-person events of the European program The Break, where 280 female European entrepreneurs of 52 nationalities participated. Organized into two consecutive groups, each group enjoyed a month-long work stay in Spain.

The events had several objectives, among which are:

  • Facilitating face-to-face connections, after several online training courses
  • Create community among the group to facilitate their further work in the local communities

Proposed solution

4 in-person events have been organized in different locations in Madrid for each group: an opening event, a recreational session, a working session and a closing event..

In the design of the events, local suppliers - catering, decoration and branding - and sustainable suppliers - transversal in all the events - have been chosen. The choice of materials that have been reused in the 8 events, the creation of a reusable wall of cardboard boxes for a creative dynamic, the transport of all the necessary elements by bicycle or the use of plastic-free and long-life tableware are some examples of the commitment to a sustainable event throughout the process.

With this commitment to sustainable events, the Impact Hub agency wants to demonstrate that "yes it can be done": it is possible, profitable and ethical to manage an event balancing economic profitability with social and environmental goals.

Impact achieved

  • Savings of 216 kg of unused plastic by opting for containers made of other materials.
  • 6.5 kg of CO2 avoided thanks to 33 km cycled to transport materials.
  • Estimated savings by reusing the same material for 8 events:
    • 42 kg of CO2
    • 9,540 liters of water
  • 2,133 trees avoided being cut down