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Impact Hub Prosperidad

Impact Hub Prosperidad es el 6º espacio de Impact Hub en Madrid.

Situado en el barrio de Prosperidad, junto al Parque de Berlín, es un edificio de 3.000 m2 para empresas y profesionales que quieren construir impacto y trabajar en comunidad.

Impact Hub Prosperidad

En un barrio genuino
En el madrileño barrio de Prosperidad se encuentra este espacio donde hacer que prosperen y conecten negocios e ideas.

Alineados con los ODS

Impact Hub Prosperidad está vinculado con el Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible nº 9, que apoya a industria, innovación e infraestructura.

Para tu tranquilidad, contamos con todas las medidas de higienización y constante información actualizada.


La innovación es una de las señas de identidad de todos los espacios de coworking de Impact Hub. Profesionales de muy distintos sectores se unen para crear una comunidad que de verdad colabora unida y promueve el impacto social positivo.

Servicios incluidos

Host, Wifi de alta velocidad, impresoras, domiciliación fiscal, seguridad, salas de reuniones, acceso seguro, recepción de visitas, recepción de correo, limpieza.

Servicios a la carta

Telefonía propia, alquiler de apartos multiconferencia, acuerdos con parking en la zona, servicios de catering, agua y café para reuniones, envío de paquetería, traducción, mudanza, taquillas, y otros servicios personalizados que puedes consultar en el espacio.


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Dónde estamos

C/ Javier Ferrero, 10

Tel: +34 911 924 854


Logo Madrid Blanco - Impact Hub

Cómo puedes


Metro: Alfonso XIII, Línea 4
Metro: Concha Espina, Línea 9


Autobús: 9, 19, 43, 72, 73, N2

Our members say:

Food StoriesImpact Hub ProsperidadWith telecommuting, you get tired of so many online meetings. By working together in the office, you increase communication, discuss ideas and move things forward faster.

Marta García | Food Stories

EcodesImpact Hub ProsperidadPeople at Impact Hub see business beyond the bottom line. They want to share their values in the company.

Leo Gutson | Ecodes

WorldVisionImpact Hub ProsperidadAchieving the goals of the 2030 Agenda requires collaboration and partnership building. Impact Hub is a perfect space for connection and collaboration between social organizations and companies committed to social and environmental impact.

Javier Ruiz Gaitán | World Vision España

La Bolsa SocialImpact Hub ProsperidadImpact Hub gives us coherence because it is a company that supports social innovation and entrepreneurship with social impact. Impact Hub helps us to analyze our role around the ODS.

José Moncada | La Bolsa Social

CoolfilmImpact Hub ProsperidadAt Impact Hub they have not only provided us with the space for our trainings and have advised us on our project, but we have also found synergies with other coworkers.

Gabriela Garcés | Coofilm

MaltImpact Hub ProsperidadImpact Hub is like a small hole in a glass through which you see the future. We feel very identified by the flow of innovation and transformation that the professionals who are here bring.


FoundspotImpact Hub ProsperidadIn a space like Impact Hub you are surrounded by multidisciplinary people, who bring other ideas and points of view. This diversity helps to solve any situation that may occur in your company.



How can I contract an office?

You can contract a private office at Impact Hub by completing the information form here, and we will contact you to make arrangements. You can also call us at911 924 854 or by writing an email to, and our experts will contact you.

What are the coworking hours if I have a private office or office space??

All our spaces are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, except in August, when hours are 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. Members with a fixed desks and offices can access 24 hours/ 7 days a week.

Can my team access the space after hours?

All office members can access the space 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Can I access other spaces?

Yes, you have access to work in hot desks in other spaces, not in an office.

What is the minimum length of stay?

In the case of offices, the minimum time of stay is 6 months, but please consult our personalized conditions.

How many meeting room hours are included?

Up to 12 hours per month of rooms included in the price. Check conditions also when you contract your office.

How are meeting rooms reserved?

Very easily. Rooms are booked through the Impact Hub App or on the intranet of each space.

Can I book rooms from the app?

Yes, and you can also do it through the intranet of each space.

Can I reserve rooms in other spaces?

Yes, you can book rooms in other spaces within the free hours included in the monthly fee. You will also have a discount for reservations of larger rooms that are not included in the monthly fee.

Can I meet with other members in the meeting rooms of coworking spaces?

Of course. You can connect with other members and schedule meetings. If a member of your meeting has room hours available, you can use them. If not, or you want to organize the meeting yourself, you can purchase room vouchers (by contacting, o use the common areas.

Can I have visitors?

Yes, of course. You can register your visitors' data through the intranet and we will assist them upon arrival.

Can I receive mail?

Yes, of course. We will notify you by email as soon as any letter or package arrives.

Can I propose any activities in the Community?

We would love it. We invite all our members to participate and propose activities in the community.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

For fixed desks and offices, a deposit of one month's rent is required, which Impact Hub Madrid will retain in case of non-compliance with the minimum permanence.

Can I organize face-to-face, online, or hybrid events?

Of course you can. Contact us by filling out the form here, and we will contact you to make arrangements. You can also call 911 924 854 or write an email to, and our experts will contact you. Additionally, if you contract a coworking rate you will have discounts for being a member of IHM.

Is printing included?

In keeping with our sustainability program, we aim to reduce printing. If you still need to print, a cost per print will be charged to your invoice.

Is there a cost to use the kitchen/patio/common areas?

No. All rates include free access to common areas.

What is the Wifi speed?

The wifi speed is 1 GB symmetrical.

How can I network?

Our community managers can help you find the best connections within the community, and can connect you with companies or people that may be of interest to you. You can also communicate with the other members through the message board that exists on the intranet. There are also published all the activities that you can sign up for and that take place in the spaces.

Do I have the support of Impact Hub's professional team?

Of course. A whole specialized team is at your disposal to meet any need.

Can I work at an Impact Hub in other countries?

Yes, with our Impact Hub Passport, which allows you to work 3 days free of charge at any Impact Hub in the network.
Logo Madrid Blanco - Impact Hub

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Logo Madrid Blanco - Impact Hub

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